Sunday, September 2, 2012



  1. "I really like x" is the new cancer.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Huehey why'd you remove your post? Stand by your words little fucker.


    Read some of his responses after people tell him his prices are high. He even tells a brony off after he complimented the dam set. This guy is an incredible douche and we should all neg rep the shit out of his post.

  3. The worst part is, he also tells off someone who backs him up against the brony who complimented him even though it was already an incredibly 'douchey' thing to do. God this guy is sad.

  4. Lol his trade got raided and he had to close it and reopen. Here is the new link:

  5. For once I'm satisfied with this blog. George is a complete asshole. I actually sold/found all his collection except his damn chops. I was trying to be a nice guy then one day he put it up for sale at 500% more than what I sold it to him for.

    Here are the prices he paid for them

    Shamen:1 key
    liqudators lid:2 keys
    sign of wolf:1 key
    unarmed combat:3 keys
    baby face blaster:1 rec
    outback:4 keys

    but yeah he's constantly rude to me and my friends, he got raided because he's the reason most people hate tf2 traders.

    1. Oh wow, you again. Haha, one sided much? You should go check my profile --- OH WAIT YOU'RE BANNED. HAH

      Anyways, no. I sold one item from it because I decided I didn't want them. But now that I've built up a substantial amount of wealth I'm redoing it.

      Also I've only been rude to you.
      For acting like a little bitch.
      Because you kept pressing on me to not sell what I paid for.
      And I paid 7 keys + replacement for outback.